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I know you have seen these little bear gummy vitamins everywhere!!! Ok well I had to try them out for myself and see if they were more than just a good tasting gummy. And they are. I’ve been using them for about a month and my hair just feels thicker and stronger, so hip hip hooray for that!!! Blonde hair is hard to keep up with (insert eye rolling emoji here.) I just recently went back to my summer blonde hair, (check it out here) and getting it to a healthy state needs all the help it can get. My hairdresser also convinced me to go back to using a straighter to get those beach-y boho waves and I forgot how much I love using it for that! I use the GhD Straightener and I adore it. It knows how much heat your hair needs and doesn’t get hotter than that. It also takes 2 seconds to heat up. The straightener waves really are a completely different look than a wand. It’s almost more of a bend rather than a kinky wave….that’s how my hairdresser put it haha! It’s super easy to do too. After a go through it with the straightener, I spray the thickening spray in it and it gives it that tousled fuller look. You know how I love messy hair 😉

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