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Can we all have a moment of silence for this spectacular piece of history. I, Maddy Cloud, am officially moved out on my own. Write this day down. And it only took 22 YEARS!!!!!! What progress. So if you aren’t caught up and have no idea what I am talking about, I shall fill you in. I have had the amazing privilege of living at home for the past 22 years. High school (obviously) and college, I spent at my parents house. Now, I know what you are thinking: Why?!?!?!?!?!?!? Well, that’s just how my family did things! My parents wanted me to be completely financially on my own before I (and both my sisters) moved out on our own. With me being the youngest, I was thrilled graduating high school and thinking that I was going to be the exception to this rule. That fantasy quickly faded as you can see. But as much as everyone likes to remind me of how terrible it would be to live with your parents in college, I absolutely LOVED it. It made me that much closer with my family and I got to see things from a different scope. I think it is very easy to get caught up in the life of college and forget that there is life outside of that bubble. Needless to say, I was begging my mom to let me stay at home even after I graduated college.

But look at us now! I can finally say that I have a place of my own and it is PERFECT for me. I always say that if i didn’t major in retail than I definitely would have majored in interior design. My mom and both my sisters also have a knack for home decorating as well so it was only fair that I got a little part of that too, right?! πŸ˜‰ I feel like my style of dress and home interior are the complete opposite. But I just love that boho/modern/greenery everywhere/eclectic vibe for home interiors. So you can see where my inspo came from, clearly. A lot of my furniture came from All Modern and most of my decor came from places like Etsy. I live for finding unique objects and things that aren’t going to be in everyone else’s home. I’m still finding those random place holders but for now I think it is perfect. If you ever need some home inspiration, hit my Pinterest board up or better yet, hit me up!! I love love love to let my creativity out.

As always, shout out to Emily Wallace for bringing my apartment to LIFE!!!!



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