Wildflowers 🌼

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Aren’t wildflowers so special? I just think that something that can grow so naturally is insane. If you haven’t learned by now….I am what you may call a “simpleton.” The smallest things can entertain me.

Recently I have been trying to dedicate more time to my blog. It started out as me just wanting to show people what inspires me and in turn, hope that they found the thing that inspired them. But now it has turned into something that I have grown to love so much. I go through periods where I don’t do it because I either am too busy or just don’t have the motivation to do it and then someone will come along and tell me how much they admire this little ole blog. Which honestly means the world to me. So that is why I am dedicating more time to it. Nothing happens over night and everything takes time to grow. So here I am: growing what I love and going with it.

I have learned that sometimes you just have to jump with both feet in. I have come to know and love this little notion from watching the way my parents do things. My parents have always had a passion for serving others, regardless of what that looked like. We adopted my younger sister when I was a sophomore in high school (and when I say younger I mean she is about three months younger.) So that is where I first noticed their passion for serving the Lord and doing what he has called them to do regardless if they can see the full picture. They just went with it and did what they felt called to do. And now, a full five years later, they have taken on the adventure of two 11-year-old Nicaraguan boys. They are here staying with us on educational visas and have never been to America before. They are in for an adventure themselves. My parents jump in with both feet and go with it. They have never once doubted the things they have felt called to do and that is something that I will admire for the rest of my life.

I always talk about passions, and peoples passions in life. It just interests me more than anything and I find it so incredible that we are all called to do something special. And once you find that thing, everything else falls into place.



Photographer: The ever so talented, Emily Wallace 

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