Vintage Vibes


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My sisters and I were going through my Mom’s old photo albums the other day, on Mother’s Day actually, and while they were cringing at the quality of photos, I was admiring. I love that vintage, grainy vibe. Granted, I purposefully make mine that way while they had no choice! Hahaha. It’s such a weird thing to see your parents when they were our age! With no kids and just completely into each other with no distractions. Such a beautiful way to be.

Recently I have connected with the coolest chic named Emily Wallace to take my pictures! She has her vision, I have mine, and somehow it comes out exactly how we each wanted. It is a great thing to be able to combine passions and see the outcome. I admire people who have a knack and a talent for something that I just don’t quite have. She is BRILLIANT! We are working on more together and this is only the start of our beautiful friendship. Stalk her on Instagram: @themilywallace ย 

Side note: I wear jeans A LOT! More than the average joe. If I could give one wardrobe piece of advice it would be to invest in good, quality denim. They get prettier the longer you have them. They are like leather in that sense. Trust me. I have been super into Levi’s (who hasn’t honestly) and that’s what the majority of my jeans are. If I am not in Levi’s I am sporting Citizens. Also my favorite. End of side note! Cheers to denim in the summer and all the sweat that comes with it!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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