The Best is Yet to Come


Sitting her writing about how I have officially graduated college seems surreal. I remember thinking I had all this time, but time snuck up on me. College was such an experience for me. It was one that I will speak only fondly about. It was the place where I found my passion for the fashion industry and will run with that passion wholeheartedly. It was the place that made me realize the type of person that I wanted to be and the type that I did not. But above all, it was the place where I met my absolute lifelong friends. The people that shaped me into the person in these pictures. I wouldn’t be half the person I am without all of the people along the way.

Most people don’t know that I lived at home my entire college career. Both of my older sisters did it and I was like “Okay, I’m the youngest, I’m the precious baby angel that gets away with *almost* everything” so I’ve got this whole moving out thing in the bag. Well, that fantasy bubble was quickly bursted. My begs and pleads and cries were no match to the strong will of my parents. Now normally, with my nagging nature, I could break them. Particularly my Dad. But, they were absolutely positively not having it. I was to live at home through college and that was that. My freshman mindset was DISTRAUGHT. How was I to make new friends when my Mom was texting me at 10 pm on the dot asking me when I was coming home…to this day she still does that, but now I have grown to love it. As you get older and progress in college, your priorities change and your lens on life grows bigger and bigger. You begin to see the bigger picture. Each year that passed, I cherished living at home and being close to my family that much more. I got a privilege that most college kids do not. I got to wander into my Mom’s bathroom every morning just to chat and be with her. Soak up all of her advice that I desperately needed to make it through college and honestly just life in general. I got to come home at night and yell “Hi, Dad!!!!” at the top of my lungs because I hadn’t gotten the chance to see him all day. And I had the opportunity to have my sisters become my best friends. Seriously, if you had seen how we were when we all lived under the same roof….a complete nightmare. My poor Mom. I soon learned to appreciate my Mom’s texts at 10 pm on the dot asking when I was going to be as it got me out of a lot of things πŸ˜‰

Regardless of if I lived at home or not, I had a home on campus. My home away from home (my 30 minutes away home) was one that will forever hold a piece of my heart. Chi Omega is one that is unlike any other. I wish my words did this place justice. But I don’t think anything I can say can even remotely explain how truly indescribable it not only is, but more importantly, the people. We aren’t all best friends, but we are all sisters and that goes a long way. I think that an organization should lift you up. It should allow you to be yourself. It should make you see yourself in a new light. A much more beautiful light. And that is exactly what happened in Chi Omega. I was surrounded by people that wanted me to become the absolute best version of myself. The people that pushed me to do what I loved. The people that inspired me daily with their passions and their talents. We were all so different in every aspect possibly but we all had the same ability of seeing the best in people. It was contagious. My lifelong friends were made in this place and that is something I will never be able to repay.

I hope that if you are in college, about to be in college, or are done with college, you cherish your time. Cherish the moments that are/were once in a lifetime. You will meet people that will absolutely blow your mind and you will be like “where have you been all my life?” You will find passions that you never knew you had. You will have the greatest stories ever. Cherish all of them! Xoxo.

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