L8er Sk8er

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Top | Naked Wardrobe (such a good website for affordable basics) | Jeans | Re/done | Shoes | Golden Goose | Necklace | Betsy Pittard

If I had the coordination for something, I wish it was skateboarding. Taking these pictures while also dodging the people skateboarding literally had me in awe. They were so skilled and talented!!?? I felt cool sliding on my behind into the little empty-pool-like thing (I am so sorry to any skateboarders I am offending by not knowing the name of anything) meanwhile the skateboarders where doing all of these mind-blowing tricks. The graffiti there was also amazing!! I know that that is super illegal and a big no-no but people are so talented. It just amazes me.

So if you haven’t noticed or been keeping up with my Instagram….I have long hair!!!! I would love to take the credit for it and say that my own hair grew that long in a few short months but sadly that will never be the case for me. I have actually never had long hair before! My hair has always been short. So short in fact that I used to rock a bowl cut in elementary school because my mom thought it was “cute.” No Mom. That was never cute. People actually confused me with a little boy because I was a huge tomboy. My hair also doesn’t grow that fast unfortunately. It gets to a certain point and then my ends are like crying out for a haircut. But I like it short. Super easy to maintain and style! I figured a change would be nice…a walk on the long side, if you will. My middle sister, Taylor, has the most beautiful, thick, long hair EVER! She keeps it shorter now but WOW did it get long. She definitely got the good hair genes of the family (rolling eye emoji.) It took me some time to research the type of extensions I wanted to get. I obviously didn’t want any that would compromise the health of my real hair and through my research I decided that tape-in extensions were the best option for me. I change my mind A LOT and always want something new so the tape-ins allowed me to be able to take them out the second I didn’t want them anymore. I decided to go with the Jen Atkin line for Beauty Works. She is a hair stylist for many, many well-known people and I believe that she would only make the best.Her line offers the clip-ins, weft (sew in), and of course, the tape-ins. Her line also includes root-colored extensions and this was perfect for me because I have that “lived-in root” type deal going on. She also has a great color range to choose from. I went with the “Santa Monica” root color ones and the “L.A. Blonde.” These matched my hair very well with only needing to be toned to match the coolness of my blonde. The website recommends 3-4 boxes per person but because I have such a blunt and short haircut, I knew that I would need more than that. I decided to go with 7 boxes and honestly I could have used one or two more! Overall, I have absolutely LOVED them! They are some of the best quality extensions I have ever felt and are so incredibly undetectable on my head. (Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.) Long hair is a nice change but I definitely think that I am more of a short hair type gal 😉

These past few months I have also been partnering up with Betsy Pittard and her jewelry! Her pieces are stunning to say the least. I am pretty plain jane when it comes to jewelry and she definitely fits that style for me. She also offers more decorative jewelry as well that I still find so beautiful. I highly recommend giving her line a peek. She just launched her March collection too….I am apologizing in advance if you just got paid.


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