Jeans | Re/Done | Top | MissGuided (similar concept here) | Camera | Fujifilm Instax Mini 

This is my ode to polaroids. I wish a real ode because people who can whip out a poem that actually makes sense – you have my respect. But really….I love polaroids! I got my first Fujifilm camera about three year ago and the amount of pictures I have collected from that thing is getting out of hand. If you open up my table next to my bed its pretty much filled to the brim with them. From random family events to birthdays, you name it, the Fuijifilm made an appearance. Having those little moments instantly print out is just amazing to me!!! Now I know how the world felt when we came out with digital cameras!! Ha! If you haven’t discovered this magical world of a camera, I highly suggest doing so. While I’m on the topic of odes, I would also like to to propose an ode to be written on my love of Re/Done jeans. They take old Levi’s and remake them into the most amazing pair of denim EVER. Usually if you find vintage Levi’s the sizing is crazy…like one time I found a pair and I was a size 34..this was nothing shy of alarming. But sizing was so different when Levi’s first came out so this is what I tell myself to make it ok haha! So Re/Done takes these old Levi’s and makes them into these days sizes. They run very true to size. They are pricey, I will say, but they are so worth it. I have also found that they wear so nicely. They really don’t have stretch to them so you may find a few holes dangerously close to the back end area…this has happened on all of my pairs that I have from them…whoops 😉 Worth the investment in my opinion!! So if any of you poem writers out there would like to take a moment to write my love of polaroids and jeans…I would be eternally grateful. Xoxo.

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