Summer Antics

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Body Suit | Urban Outfitters | Denim | Grlfrnd for Revolve | Choker | Frasier Sterling (best choker brand) | Crossbody | Forever 21 (here it is in black) |

SWEET SWEET SUMMERTIME!!!!!! If we are being honest, and I’m a pretty honest type gal here, I hate summer. It’s hot. I like to wear jeans. It’s too hot for jeans. Thus, I inhibit the “I have nothing to wear” motto and here we are, blogging in jeans anyways. Let me just rant, a good rant, about this denim line made exclusively for Revolve called Grlfrnd. IT IS BOMB, STELLAR, AMAZING, OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME, ALL OF THE ABOVE. I am pretty picky when it comes to denim. More honesty coming at you, I really only like Citizens. I am completely biased to them….until now. I ❤ Grlfrnd. They make shorts and jeans which I love both. Such a great fit and even better styles. Look them up when you get a chance! So this summer I was hit with the task of finding an internship. I’m getting old and apparently this is on my to-do list of things to do when you get old. So I snagged a quick internship with CollegeFashionista. They are based out of New York and basically choose several people from different college campus’ globally to represent that campus to hunt down the trends of your said campus. Wow that was a mouthful. So far it has been so much fun and definitely a learning experience! I have learned that my grammar could use some serious help, I think I blacked out in this portion of grade school or something. But above all I have learned that style is something so unique to every individual and it is absolutely beautiful. I love seeing how people interpret fashion in such different ways but it is still fashion regardless of if it is “trendy” or not. The pictures above are from my Style Guru bio which basically tells you all about where I draw inspiration from and what led me to the fashion world! I wish I could pinpoint that moment where I was drawn to fashion but I think it is a collection of moments rather than one specific moment. Having two older sisters definitely sparked that love. Check out my style bio here and my other articles that I have written here and here. Show some love by clicking the ‘Rad’ heart!! YOU GUYS ARE ALL AWESOME!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO ❤

5 thoughts on “Summer Antics

      1. I just started my blog where I am going to post daily about men’s lifestyle and style tips so I will love it if you can give me a follow and some support 😊 and please check me on Instagram @theyounggentlemanxo 💕

  1. Absolutely loving your blog and your looks! Would love for you to check out mine as well : )

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