LimeLight by Alcone 

| Skin Therapist | Must Dew | Skin Polish |

So if you know me pretty well, you know that I am religious about my skin. What goes on it, when I wash it, literally ‘psychotic middle school girl about boys’ about my skin. So when a girl I work with named Kira, introduced me to the line by Alcone called ‘LimeLight’ I was like yeah yeah whatever I will buy some face wash and then probably never use it. Seriously don’t say this if you are in the same situation. These products are AMAZING beyond words!!! It was developed by Michele Gay & Madison Mallardi to be a natural skin care line to empower women and their natural beauty….seriously how beautiful is that? I feel like that is so crucial in the times we live in now when Instagram shows us all of these celebrities and “Insta-Famous” girls who we are like “OMG GOALS!!!!!” to and we, ourselves, should be our own goals. Bettering ourselves, not trying to be someone else. That is a huge reason as to why I was drawn to this line if because of the simple goal of it. So lets break down the stars of the show in the LimeLight Line:

Skin Therapist: So basically, the name says it all. It is super hydrating moisturizer packed with safflower oil, pomegranate sterols (just go with it), oat protein, and so much more. They pack a mean punch and deliver a wave of hydration to dry and aged skin. No shame in a therapist you guys!!!!!! 😉

Must Dew: Ok, so I can definitely make an argument for this little guy right here. SERIOUSLY SO GREAT!!!!!!! See how excited I am?!?! Like so great. It contains palmarose oil  that is used to refresh skin and reduce inflammation…which I need so desperately. I don’t even use blush, this is how red my cheeks are naturally, so this stuff works wonders. I also use this oil to accomplish that dewy look that is sweeping the nation, you know? Seriously it is. Taking over the world. I apply one drop to a damp beauty blender and then blend my foundation into my skin. It gives me that perfect dewy, sun kissed look that I am in love with. ***Fair Warning: Don’t overdue it with the oil or you will seriously regret this decision in 2+ hours when your makeup is sliding off your face*** Another rockin’ fact about this oil is that 98.87% of the ingredients in it are organic. That is unheard of these days!!! Now you can feel good about the products that are going into your skin that doesn’t have those ingredients in it that I couldn’t pronounce correctly if you have me 1,000,000 dollars.  Kira, the girl that got me hooked on these products, uses this oil in combination with a cleanser called the ‘Quench Cleanser’ and by doing so, has pretty much put the eczema that is on her hands at bay. She says that she has never found anything to even remotely soothe it like the sunflower oil that is in both of the products. You guys MUST DEW this product! Hahahaha I had to.

Skin Polish: Also my best friend. This polish works wonders for when you take off all of your makeup and still feel its lingering around? It really scrapes away all of that dead skin with natural jojoba (say this a few times, you will be happy) and then lemon, olive, and cypress oils come in and restore that healthy looking skin again. So that whole craze about not buying exfoliators anymore because they contain those plastic exfoliating beads, which really is not good for humans or Earth, come on skincare companies like what were the thinking, can be solved with this! As stated above, the beads used for exfoliating are natural. It also is great in combination with a Clarisonic brush for a really good polish.

So if you haven’t ever check out this line, you are really missing out. It is natural, and even then some ingredients are organic, and it is such good pricing. I know that i’ll adventure into Sephora and pick up a face wash that is $60+ dollars….unfortunately the trees in my backyard are not made of money. You can feel good about buying it not only for the reasonable price but also knowing that your skin will thank you later for it. Xoxo.

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