Pretty Things 


Rings | Catbird NYC | Necklace | Etsy | Perfume | Chloe | 

I just love the word “dainty.” According to Webster’s dainty means: delicately small and pretty ❤️ Oh how I honestly love that!!! I’m weird I know. I am a huge fan of dainty jewelry, especially rings and necklaces. To be honest I really don’t wear jewelry, except the things in the pictures. I am always wearing those four rings and for the most part I am always wearing the evil eye necklace. My parents would never let me wear necklaces to bed because they told me I would literally choke and die (so honest) and so I’m scared to death to wear a necklace to bed. Clearly this fear is a little irrational but just thank my parents for that 😉 I was on the hunt for rings for a long time. I didn’t want to spend money on something that I knew was going to turn my finger green, or something that wasn’t going to last, so I scrounged the Internet for a long loooong time before I came across a jewelry store by the name of ‘Catbird.’ Just the name itself had me sold. Like what creativity? Seriously! I hit the mother-load and my love of dainty things only became more. If you were to look up dainty rings in the dictionary their store would pop up too. They have a knack for pulling pieces from designers that really tie their whole store together. It is based out of New York so if you ever find yourself there definitely visit Catbird. The necklace that you will always find me wearing, however, I purchased from Etsy. You can literally find anything and everything from Etsy! It was such a great invention, kudos to however let all the crafty people of the world spread their wings because they are literally in space right now. Everything is so unique and beautiful. I digress, ANYWAYS!!! I’ve had about 3 of these same necklaces (it turns pretty fast) and it has always been my favorite. I love the simplicity of it, yet it still has some pizazz to it ya know? The story behind the meaning of the evil eye is really kind of interesting! The “evil eye” is supposed to protect you from literal evil eyes and stares. You learn something new everyday so if you didn’t know that WA-LA you are set for the day 😉 Happy Thursday friends! Xoxo. 

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