(After I realized the bricks were scorching hot)                

Dress | Urban Outfitters (one similar) | Shoes | Steve Madden | Necklace | Betsy Pittard | Hat | Planet Blue (one similar) | Purse | Ann Taylor (sold out in this color but here is one similar) | Sunnies | Tom’s |

Living on a college budget means you can only adventure so far from home (unfortunately.) Jacksonville is only about two and a half hours away from home so that is where we decided on. We weren’t really too sure what was in Jacksonville besides the beach, or what we were even going to do, but I am so glad we came across this museum that was full of FLOWERS. Oh happy day. The museum was called ‘The Cummer Museum of Art and Garden.’ Basically the entire museum was a massive garden that overlooked the river. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. One garden was English inspired, and the other was Italian, which I preferred. But nonetheless, they both were absolutely amazing, and the weather could not have been more suiting for a day in the garden. I feel like a place may not look like it has much to offer, like on the way there I was nearly gripping the seat the entire time because the traffic and roads in Jacksonville about gave me a heart attack, but once we were there it was nothing shy of wonderful. I also normally try to wear something comfortable in the car, never jeans, oh gosh no, never jeans. So this easy tank dress did just the trick. I have found that Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Splendid make the best kinds of these dresses. Urban being on the somewhat lower price end of that spectrum. Shoes to travel in can be kind of tricky because stylish and comfortable collide but I would take comfortable any day of the week. The shoes I wore today were both, but after awhile my pinky toe hurts, so these shoes are probably made more for really narrow feet. Hats are my jam right now. They are so easy and can cover any bad hair day. I love the one I was sporting today, a big floppy hat. One can never go wrong with a tank dress, sandals, and a floppy hat. I also want to take a second to brag on Tom sunglasses. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they go for a great cause. They kind of work like the shoes: “Get a pair give a pair.” Except instead of giving that same pair of sunglasses you are giving a child in need of glasses a pair of glasses or money towards an eye surgery. I love nothing more than to spend money on something that I know will give back. If you are ever in the Jacksonville area, I strongly recommend going to this museum, it is absolutely breathtaking. Happy Sunday. Xoxo.

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