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I was always taught ‘less is more.’ Less makeup, less things, just less. I feel like sometimes, when we have more things to consume our time with, we forget the most important things in life. We forget about small talk, truly laughing, living in the moment, mom’s advice, we forget the things that grow us as a person. I have always been an advocate for less is more especially when it comes to what I wear. Not by any means saying that we should flaunt all we were given, but saying that simplicity is a wonderful thing. Dainty necklaces have been a love of mine for a long time. Betsy Pittard, who makes the ones that I have been wearing, is one of my favorite designers. Her pieces are breathtaking and so special. I remember looking on Etsy (P.T.L for Etsy) and coming across her stuff and I was immediately hooked. Definitely go check her out. Layering necklaces is also something that, I find, looks so wonderful. The more the merrier. Lately I have been finding the best sunnies at Urban Outfitters. Sometimes I find myself enjoying the less expensive ones than the more expensive ones. Will a girl can dream of all the designer names her heart can, having the lower price points is always a great thing, because hey, less is more. Oh happy day. Xoxo.

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